The CBD Craze

While CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and modulator for much of the bodies chemical balance, it doesn’t work for everyone and many people DO NOT need CBD. The body is both chemical and electrical which means that certain imbalances DO NOT allow the body to absorb CBD and other Phyto-Nutrients which renders it useless to pay for and consume.

The human biology is very complex, but there are several simple steps you can take to begin to get your body back into balance so that you can absorb CBD and other natural phyto-nutrients that stimulates the Immune System.

  1. Understand your body type, blood type and what that means for your daily food intake
  2. Eating the proper foods to stimulate the immune system for “your body type”
  3. Teach you how to monitor your PH and how this controls your metabolism and health
  4. Reducing stress and anxiety through proven methods of natural relaxation
  5. How to improve your self-image and stop believing that your hereditary matters…it does not.
  6. A personally tailored process of diet, exercise and stress management that encompasses the body, the mind and the spirit.