Spiritual Will and Its Healing Energy

Imagine for a moment that it is a well-known fact and has been proven that there is a heaven and a hell. Now reflect on this… if you do more bad things instead of good things in your life overall, you will suffer endlessly for all eternity in some type of place that is filled with misery. Knowing this to be true, would you in fact work to be sure you did not end up in a place like this? Would you work to seek goodness, and kindness for all living things? Would you be more respectful towards others and work each day to share love and kindness and help and not harm other living things?

Atheists and agnostic people have a hard time facing the reality of heaven or hell. Whether these places are a “physical” place, or an “energy condition” for your soul (your energy field) to go once your body is done, has not been proven…yet. But there is much evidence to support the theory.


Nonspiritual people lack the ability to understand Karmic Propensity. They are “stuck” in a low energy state many times through no fault of their own. Even highly intellectual people often lack any understanding of the spiritual will. Karmic Propensity puts forth the notion that everything you do and say while here on Earth will have karmic effects when you pass away. Karma is not reincarnation as some think. Karma is being responsible for all your actions.

The understanding of Karma lifts you up to a place where you become serious about taking responsibility for your actions. This includes what you seek to watch on your devices. This includes having opinions about politics and people of other races. There are many cultural differences, some you may like and some you may dislike, but there is only one race; the human race. People devoid of any spiritual understanding typically are less thoughtful of others. Spiritually evolved people think of others and are “considerate” of others and have no interest in watching horror movies.

Life flows as an energy and we are the antenna that are being influenced by this energy including attraction to images of horror. Your consciousness level will govern how you act and how you treat others. Our purpose is to expand your conscious mind to lift you up to a better more satisfying life.


Suffering is a choice, and you can move past it by understanding how energy vibrations work in your body and brain. Our curriculum will teach you. You will see these vibrational patters at work. They are all around us all the time. People who throw trash out their window, people who hunt animals for sport just to kill them have low energy levels and they exist much like the animal kingdom. Hunt, kill, control, endorphin rush etc. They just go on without any thought of others. The same holds true for egocentric and narcissistic people who only care for their own self-interests. Selfishness has become an epidemic especially since the internet and mobile devices began to proliferate.

This is a serious problem for the state of the planet as it has increased the “me” factor times a billion. Just look at how many people are staring blindly at their phone as if in a trance. They take selfies and are endlessly searching for images of Hollywood people and what they are wearing. It is no different than a drug addict who needs the next fix to be high. People DO NOT understand that they are literally addicted to the juice they get from the activity. The juice is the chemical endorphins that flood the brain and create an addiction to the activity no different than that of a gambling or sex addict.

This is the core of poor health in the human protoplasm. Everything is influencing your body, mind and immune system. Every video you watch and every emotion you experience has a control over your immune system. When you align yourself with Divinity your body changes the way it uses chemicals.