Spritual Growth


Respect Until You Can Verify…impressions are emotional – opinions are subject to verification
Dedication To Truth – Emotionality has inclinations to want the story to be accurate = Ego
Self-Awareness – The commitment to continually work to expand your knowledge
Accountability – be responsible for your choices
Simplifying Your Life – The less distractions in your life the easier to become aligned
Having a Sense of Purpose – Focus on a direction that helps others or serves the world
Lovingness – Having value for all things, understanding the power & context of love
Overcoming The Darkness – hatred is infectious, it is vital to steer away from hate / evil in all its expressions. Horror movies, death, destruction etc. This energy is powerful and can consume people for life…never able to remove themselves from this negative energy and constantly bringing them down and keeping them chained to misery.



People who are not aligned with the Infinite field have trouble opening their mind. The mind is comfortable with its programmed belief systems – most minds are unaware that they are programmed.

These people lack the ability to change. They are simply stuck through no fault of what they have done. This is a vital lesson to learn to begin to self-heal.


Sentimentality is nothing more than glorified emotionalism. The ego wants to convince you that if you become emotional about something, (like a cancer walk) then you are doing good or feeling compassion…Not true. Compassion is a very different energy. Emotionalism is unhealthy because it keeps you trapped in that emotion and keeps feeding on itself for the juice / payoff like in political marches.

It takes a lot of practice to separate yourself from the world of glorified emotionalism. It traps millions into thinking they are doing good when they are actually not changing anything. To change the world, you must first change yourself as opposed to “joining” the masses. The great quote is in fact great. Become the change you want to see in the world.


Spiritual truth is subjective – no one can experience what another person experiences as it is all unique to that person’s level of consciousness. Your karmic propensity is unique to you and your past lives if you have had any. Some have had none and are a new soul while others have had many and may even carry past life karma into this life. This explains how a nice loving person can have many bad things happen to them. It is not God punishing them, it is karma surfacing from actions done in the past, or from a past life that are attempting to be cleared in this life. So, this life here on Earth is the ultimate opportunity to undo negative actions/emotions from the past.

The great books of the Western world are of value for their understanding of truth and integrity. Johnson University teaches curriculum on these books. But this only takes you so far. You need to engage the spiritual will and surrender all things to God while doing your best to serve the world.


Integrity is where the power begins. The more aligned with integrity, the better your life and the more you gravitate to healing energy and emotions. The lower the level, the more likely you are to experience unhappiness and dis-ease. Simply by gravitating to the higher levels the body will begin to experience more healing even if you eat poorly. The energy is more powerful than the nutrition.


What can I do to help the world? – Just be the fulfillment of your greatest potential and the ESSENCE of spiritual growth is humility through the journey with a commitment to helping others in the process.

Skepticism and doubt have no place in the mind of a person who is committed to self-healing. We are not asking you to blindly believe. No, we are asking you to first understand how your cells function and then treat them appropriately.
Christ warned of the wolf in sheep’s clothing – How to know them…by their fruits ye shall know them


Kinesiology is a reaction (via the muscles) of the overall field. It is a calibration of Truth as there is no False there is only the lack of truth. No Polarity. You can like chocolate without hating vanilla. Polarity is very common in the world as it forces us to choose Black or White, Democrat or Republican etc….these are polar expressions and will tie you down to negative beliefs. To be healthy, you must free yourself from these ideas of polarity.

At az Self-Healing our goal is to support the progression of consciousness in an effort to reduce human suffering.