Finding Bliss In A Complex World E-Book


    Finding Bliss in a complex world is a the final step in your curriculum. It will connect the dots on many of the lessons you have learned so far. This is a compilation of many of the worlds brightest minds achievements about the body, the mind and the spirit. The book is designed to be a summary of the main points of many ideas and biological facts on how the body and mind effect the human protoplasm. From the basics to the more complex systems of the ego and how the Ego “controls” everything you do. It is vital to understand the Ego in order to relinquish many attachments that contribute to pain, anxiety and despair. This book is designed to be read in order without jumping ahead so the mind can effectively absorb the material.
    By the time to complete this book, you will have a significant understanding of the mind / body link and the factors that contribute to stress and dis-ease.  You may need to read the material several times to completely understand it, and that’s okay. Additionally, you will be given many introductions to leaders in the field of self help to continue your quest for knowledge. Congratulations on your effort so far. You are “on the path” to controlling your destiny.