Media Influence

Media is the influencer of all things in the world we live in. It is useful to understand that the news in ALL its varied expressions is pre-determined. The media groups who create the news have pre-determined the content they are airing and many times it is not accurate or even truthful. It is typically trivial and not of value to benefit your life. It is vital to steer clear of negative news, social media, reality TV programming as they will not benefit your life or your quest to be healthy.


Nutrition is helpful but ENERGY is more powerful than nutrition. This is why we teach that you cannot overcome serious illness without engaging the spirit. The spiritual will is extremely powerful, and can overcome the benefits of nutrition. The human protoplasm requires very little to operate.

Americans especially consume 70% more calories than they require to be healthy. Caloric restriction is a way to stimulate the immune system like fasting, it resets the stem cells and kicks them into high gear. Toxins are found in many food products that contribute to cellular breakdown.


Plant Based Health and The Media

A simple plant-based lifestyle with 1200 calories per day is all that is required. 90% of all the food found in grocery stores is not necessary and 90% of the 90% should not even be consumed. Television in the 60’s trained people to buy things for taste.

These ads programmed viewers to believe certain foods are fun. That you are not part of the crowd or “fun” if you don’t consume them. Example: Beer. Every commercial you see puts forth the notion that it is cool to drink. The fact is that alcohol causes oxydative stress and breaks down the immune system. For anyone that has any type of serious illness, you should not consume alcohol…ever!