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A complete understanding of your body, and brain, and what makes up the connection to your mind. Mind is outside your brain and connects each of us to the Field of Consciousness. Fields control everything in the universe including your cells. Your cells vibrate and are always being influenced by these fields.

Your emotional state dictates the chemicals your brain secretes and how your body expresses genes. Genes will actually turn on and off depending on your emotional state (what you watch on TV / Internet, what music you listen too etc) and this has a direct effect on your cells, mood, appetite and sleep patterns.

This is the beginning of understanding how you operate and once you learn how your cells function, and what influences them in a positive or negative manner, (including your ego’s involvement) you will begin to understand how your cells/genes change with your thoughts. You cannot grasp higher levels on this site without a clear understanding of this section first. This is the beginning of Self Healing.

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We educate our clients on simple proven facts that have a direct effect on their biology. This information has been available and can be found in many places all over the globe and within every culture of the World. You will learn an enormous amount of information about how your body functions and how your cells are influenced by energy vibrations. Once you understand this, you can begin to take responsibility for your own health without needing or relying on doctors and prescription medications. This will allow you to make significant changes to your lifestyle, affecting your health so that you can live a happier more balanced life – free from stress and drama.