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Could Fasting Help You Turn Back the Hands of Time?


Back in 2012 I made a science documentary called Eat, Fast And Live Longer which explored the science behind approaches to extending healthy life and holding back the hands of time. I concluded that the only proven way to do this was by calorie restricting. Now, eight years later, there’s stronger proof of the benefits from calorie […]

Can Vitamin C Combat Coronavirus?


Like everything else concerning the coronavirus pandemic, the usefulness of Vitamin C is subject to various medical opinions.   Some physicians and hospitals in the United States and elsewhere around the world are providing intravenous Vitamin C treatment for those affected. Other medical experts and clinicians remain unconvinced of its effectiveness. FULL STORY HERE

What Is SLS “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” in Soap And Toothpaste?


What Is SLS? What is SLS exactly? SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, is a common ingredient in beauty products, washes, toothpastes and even cleaning products. When we use a wash or beauty product on our skin, it’s probably a liquid made of a water phase and an oily phase. As we know, oil and water […]

Ancient Healing Technique Saves Man’s Life

A man in Germany had so much fat in his thickened, pale blood, it basically looked like milk, scientists report – and it could have killed him if doctors hadn’t resorted to a long-abandoned treatment pioneered by ancient healers thousands of years ago. FULL STORY HERE

Screen Time Linked to Brain Changes and Development

Screen Time and Toddlers

A splashy study published in JAMA Pediatrics this week titled Associations Between Screen-Based Media Use and Brain White Matter Integrity in Preschool-Aged Children suggests that increased screen time could detrimentally affect preschooler brain structure. The findings sound extreme: More screen time meant lower expressive language, less ability to rapidly name objects, and decreased literacy skills. There were also physical changes to […]

Teen Receives Double Lung Transplant Due To Vaping

Dr. Hassan Nemeh, the surgeon who led the team that performed the first double lung transplant on a vaping patient in the United States, said that the damage to the previously healthy teen’s organs was unparalleled. “What I saw in his lungs is like … FULL STORY HERE

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Not all cholesterol is created equal. Cholesterol — a waxy substance made by the body and found in some foods — is something the body needs, at least in small amounts. Increased blood levels of cholesterol — particularly the LDL or “bad” cholesterol — have been linked to a greater risk of heart disease, according […]